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Storyboard Artist (2014 - present)

Graphic India   I   'Crown of Blood'

Howard Wimshurst  I  MSI  I   'MSI Creator Award 2022 - Intro'

Patrick Kennelly   I   'Earth by Leo'

Ryan Lopez   I   'Dragon Fruit'

Graphic India   I   'Young Baahubali'

Ole Weissenberger   I   'Art Scraper'

Graphic India   I   'Immortal - Legend of Hanuman' (9 full episodes, 4  partial episodes), 'Baahubali: The Lost Legends' (2 full episodes)

Fourmat Film  I 'Ria'

Patrick Kennelly   I   'Excess Flesh', 'Hammurabi'

Akkasa Productions   I   'No title', 'Smart City'

Oceana Pictures   I   'Smoke Filled Room', 'The Beginning of the End', 'Disgruntled', 'Sports Trailer'

Max Freutel   I   'Runner'

Jovan Dopudji   I   'On the Margin'

University Teacher (2017 - present)

University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt   'Animation & Game B.A.'

Subjects: Storyboarding, 2d Animation, Project Coaching

2d Animator (2018 - present)

Lucy Beech   I   'Untitled'

Rat City   I   'Kind of Love' (Music Video)

Howard Wimshurst  I  MSI  I   'MSI Creator Award 2022 - Intro'

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 B.A. in 'Animation & Game'   I    2015 - 2018

University of Applied Sciences Darmstadt

Hesse, Germany

Cinematic Storyboarding   I   2013 

by Jay Oliva

Concept Design Academy, California, USA

Life Drawing   I   2013

by Karl Gnass

Animation Guild, California, USA

Certificate for 'Digital Animation'   I   2012 - 2014

Glendale Community College

California, USA

Resume: Bio
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